The Mesa Model

Mesa small business members have a dedicated advisor whose singular focus is high-level, strategic advice.

What’s the difference?

Compare the Mesa Model to what traditional firms offer. With Mesa, the approach is comprehensive.

  • Fixed monthly fee – no surprise invoices or questioning hours billed.

  • Low-volume concierge approach.

  • Recurring monthly financial meetings, quarterly tax planning and ad hoc advice.

  • Available by text, phone, and email on your schedule.

  • Mesa Advisors are in it for the long-run.

  • Proactive planning and advice driven by real-time data.

Traditional CPA Firms

  • Hourly fee structure with unclear expectations on time involved.

  • High-volume client management.

  • Once per year, retrospective planning with little opportunity to make an impact.
  • Unreturned phone calls. Weeks later email replies.

  • Inconsistency due to high attrition.

  • Client-led tax planning ideas.

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