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We know the story—your CPA is a really nice person, but <insert your complaints here>.

We created Mesa because small business owners are rarely matched with best-in-class advisors. Small CPA firms serve far too many clients and refuse technological innovation, and larger CPA firms have fee and revenue minimums that keep small businesses from ever having a chance. The best CPAs get promoted into the wrong model or move to the largest firms, and the small business owner is left searching the internet for a better option. The Mesa Model bridges that gap.

Our Mission

We help our clients identify their business and financial needs.

Mesa exists to connect the best CPAs with the most deserving small businesses. We rescue great CPAs from the wrong business model and rescue small businesses from the wrong CPA firms.

Our Values.

Traditional CPA Firm: Leave your real personality at home and take your work home with you. Mesa’s approach is exactly the opposite – bring your best and total self to serve your members and enjoy your time away from the office. We achieve this balance by combining a deep technology stack with a low-volume approach that ensures advisors are staying high-level with their time. It’s not that you won’t work hard – it’s that you’ll actually enjoy doing it.

Independent Thinking

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Tyler Lester, CPA

Tax Senior

Jennifer Shelton

Accounting Manager

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